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Chad Cassiani


New Heights, LLC is an independent marketing company that is bringing Wall Street to Main Street. Primarily marketing a membership in New Heights Wealth Masters, which is a "do it yourself" or "done for you" financial club that has all the experience and resources to create a successful financial plan. Whether it is debt management, retirement strategies, investments, taxes, life insurance or other financial needs, NHWM is able to help clients achieve financial independence.

Chad V. Cassiani

New Heights, LLC, Founder & CEO

Attorney Cassiani is a highly sought after national speaker. He has taught thousands of Financial Advisors and CPAs on Advanced Estate and Retirement Planning. He has also authored the book "Wealth Creation and Preservation: What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You."
Attorney Cassiani has helped hundreds of local individuals in Estate and Financial Planning, including Charitable Planning, Business Succession Planning and Legacy Planning, creating both living legacies and Death Legacies.
In addition to his Law Degree, Attorney Cassiani has a Master's Degree in taxation and an MBA degree in business.

Mr. Cassiani was a co-founder and served as director, legal counsel and chief financial officer of Angelus Retirement Corp. (elderly assistance), and the Addison-Rand Corp. (a senior housing management company), both national in scope. He was also the individual who proposed and subsequently led the development of and the successful implementation of an advanced financial services division for a Fortune 500 financial services organization. In addition, he was the leader in the development of a national trust company where he was an officer and also served on the original board of directors.

Today, his focus is on helping individuals locally and across the country to protect their assets from the consequences of taxation, probate, health care and market volatility. The main focus is on asset protection and growth.

“At the end of the day who cares more about your Investments?  You or a Financial Salesman?  You can't make money on money you do not have so quit giving it away.”
                                                                 Chad V Cassiani, Attorney at Law


Hubert Humphrey

HGI Founder, Chairman & CEO

Hubert began his journey during the early days of A.L. Williams, where he began to develop a systematic approach to building distribution through relationship marketing. At A.L. Williams, Hubert's system played a major role in recruiting over 1.5 million associates and revolutionized the way insurance was sold.

After A.L. Williams, Hubert launched World Marketing Alliance and made history again, recruiting over 430,000 associates and becoming one of the largest independent marketers of financial services products in the world. Hubert sold WMA in 2001 to one of the largest financial institutions in the world and has now embarked on his greatest venture yet.

Leveraging his 30 years of skills, experience, and relationships, Hubert has strategically designed HGI as a solution-based company to help individuals and families improve their lives through a professional business opportunity.

"When the historians of the future look back on HGI, I want them to remember us as a company that came along at a pivotal time in the nation's history and literally caused the free enterprise system to bear the fruit of wealth and put it in the hands of many, not just a few. I want us to go down in history as a company that made a difference."
                                                                                             -Hubert Humphrey


Marc G. Minor

Founder & CEO of Legacy Investment Services

Legacy serves financial advisors and investors through its businesses including Advisor Nation and Advisor Controls™. Founded in 1993, Legacy Investment Services has grown to become one of the largest wealth management firms in the country offering portfolio management and wealth planning services to high and middle net-worth clients. Established in 2000, Advisor Nation has grown to become one of the leading advisor coaching programs in the country empowering advisors to overcome key business challenges through personalized coaching, proven strategies, marketing services, and a passionate community of over 140 advisors. Advisor Nation is a community with some of the best advisors in the country and was established to empower advisors to improve client service, efficiently run their practice, grow their business, and build a legacy through a turnkey integrated partnership. The three organizations serve a broad base of advisors and investors across the United States.  Legacy and Advisor Nation have grown to over $10 billion in collective assets.

Marc is a sought-after speaker, thinker, and investment strategist. In the fall of 2019, Marc continued to expand his industry leadership by collaborating with NACFF™, a leading provider of fiduciary education and certification services. NACFF™ aligns with broker dealers and RIA firms to ensure their advisors are prepared for timely knowledge necessary to meet fiduciary rules.

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